SeeAbility have been working closely working with The Village School on a project Children in Focus since September 2013 and use the school premises for the testing and support the school staff and external agencies in training.


What do SeeAbility do?

SeeAbility’s Children in Focus Campaign wants specialist sight tests available in every special school in England. Sight is very important to a child’s learning and development, and early eye care can prevent more serious sight problems later on. 

SeeAbility has been delivering specialist sight tests in selected special schools, a familiar and convenient place for children and parents.

Children with learning disabilities are 28 times more likely to have a serious sight problem than other children, but are not accessing the eye care they need. We found nearly 4 in 10 pupils had no history of sight tests or eye care (SeeAbility, 2015). We also found three quarters of children with disabilities who had been under care of hospital eye clinics and were now discharged, had no history of follow up sight tests in the community.

Our research shows that thousands of children with disabilities across the country are missing out on the eye care they need. We want this to change.

Outcomes/Impact for pupils/staff

  • Holistic optometrist assessments for all students in TVS , current research, resources.
  • Accurate assessment, prescriptions of spectacles for students with the identified visual impairment.
  • Targeted individual plans and activities to develop certain visual, auditory , motor  and mobility skills to overcome the VI.
  • Greater progress and development of skills for pupils within the school community.
  • Greater confidence of students, ability to be adventurous and independent.
  • Current research, resources, links with professionals.
  • Professionals’ views on a range of IEPs and long term planning for students with MSI, focused on realistic targets and timing, importance of students’ input in setting the targets.
  • Analysis and practical advice regarding planning for life skills,communication and independence of students with VI in the school setting.
  • New techniques and practice to improve the specialist sessions/integrate the service / TA deployment.
  • Confident approach towards deployment and analysis, recording the outcomes. Progress, impact on learning, improving the input of sessions.
  • Broader view on use of alternative techniques, recording systems and planning. Independent analysis and own development-evidence recording relevant for our school/classes. Higher volume of quality recordings will ensure the consistency of correct assessments and therefore more tailored planning.
  • Outstanding involvement of families in the whole process!