Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy (OT) department at the Village School focuses on assisting our students to access their optimal learning environment.  This includes assessing and treating students who have difficulties that affect their ability to complete every day tasks in a functional manner.  OT’s help our students to achieve or maintain their maximum level of independence so they can access their learning to his/her full potential.  

The OT team in the school uses either an individual, group or consultation approach to therapy.  Therapy is based on goals, which are either identified in the classroom and/or from parents.   Therapy programmes may be provided for class staff to carry out for the whole class, or as individual programmes, or students may be taken outside of the classroom environment for specific therapy. 


The OT team works closely with class staff to ensure that occupational therapy is embedded into the school curriculum.  Ensuring occupational therapy is embedded throughout the school day is imperative for our students to learn and consolidate functional skills and to achieve goals. This also ensures success by providing a consistent approach to the goal.

The OT team also cross works with the Speech and Language Team, Physical Management Strategies and Physiotherapy team within the school.  This is to ensure we are all working holistically towards common goals for our students


The Village School Occupational Therapy teams liaises closely with NHS Occupational Therapy Services  and Social Services Occupational Therapy in Brent and with other boroughs where appropriate. 

Examples of areas of occupational therapy:

  • To enable our students to be able to access their learning whilst remaining calm and alert.  Students are provided with sensory strategies to enable them to be able to access learning and focus.  Sensory strategies may include movement breaks throughout the day and sensory equipment to help with remaining in a calm and alert state.
  • Promoting the development of functional hand skills in school, including hand writing and tool use
  • Promoting the development of self help skills including, dressing and undressing, toileting and self feeding
  • Assess for and prescribe equipment needed in school- such as specialist seating and moving and handling equipment, and equipment for eating and drinking.
  • Contribute to a multi disciplinary approach to therapy where appropriate. 

Our Team

Oluwatosin Adejuwon

(Occupational Therapist)

Stacy Tyson

(Assistant Occupational Therapist)


Orla Counihan-Sanchez

(Assistant Occupational Therapist)

Parents are invited to telephone the school office if they wish to make an appointment to discuss their child’s therapy