The Village School is an all age special school (3-19 years) which caters for all students. The school meets the needs of children with the following profiles:

- All levels of learning from Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties to pupils who are able to access nationally accredited courses. 

- Autism Spectrum Condition

- Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties 

- Complex medical conditions and physical Disabilities 

- Communication difficulties

- Sensory impairments including hearing and visual impairments 

The school is housed in a state of the art specialist provision, and has three further sites, two of which are located within mainstream partner provision. The Village School has particular strong links with Kingsbury High School and the College of North West London.

Parents/Carers considering The Village School for their child are encouraged and welcome to visit the school. Please contact the school office to make an appointment with Meena Mehta. Please specify the specific needs of your child so Meena can arrange which site may be more suitable to view.

If following your visit you are interested in a place for your child, you should discuss this further with the London Borough of Brent Special Needs Department (Tel: 0208 387 3851), or your own local authority. 

The Brent Council website has information about Brent School’s and their admission arrangements at the Brent Family and Schools website.

Brent SENAS will apply to appropriate schools based on the EHCP and parental choice. This may mean The Village School will receive an application for consultation. As part of the consultation process at The Village School, the child and parents/carers are required to attend an Initial Assessment Meeting at the school. Following this assessment, the school’s admission team will review the assessment and determine whether there is a suitable class and if the school can meet your child's needs. The Local Authority will then be notified of the outcome.

If the school decides that it can meet the child’s Special Educational Needs and there is a suitable place available, the Local Authority will be asked to confirm that it accepts financial responsibility for the placement before a place can be secured. 

Following confirmation that the Local Authority will accept financial responsibility for the placement, a transition plan is developed with a mutually agreed start date by the school, the local authority and parents. 

Priority for all places are given to Brent residents, according to age and need. Requests from out of borough children and young people are considered on an individual basis.

The full Admissions policy is available from the Statutory Policy section of this website