Challenge Partners’ Quality Assurance Review

Challenge Partners’ quality assurance is built around the QA Review, a professionally-led peer review focused on teaching and learning. The review identifies areas of strength and development, bringing key challenges to schools for the coming year and providing Continuing Professional Development (CPDL) for all participants. It is a joint exercise between the review team and the school. All activities include a member of the school working alongside the reviewers. 

Our recent Challenge Partners Review took place in January 2023. Some quotes from the 2023 review report

"Teaching staff have a clear understanding of learners’ needs, strong subject knowledge and high expectations which result in consistently high levels of engagement and progress in learning."

"Work scrutiny shows strong progress over time. Learners make excellent holistic progress towards their EHCP outcomes, preparation for adulthood, English and mathematics targets. Outcomes are a consistent strength of the school."

"Teaching assistants (TAs) are consistently well deployed to lead and support learning. TAs’ strengths and passions are thoughtfully utilised to meet the needs of learners."

"Senior leaders use their resources highly effectively, ensuring that quality first teaching is at the heart of the school’s offer."

Challenge Partners Review Report January 2023 

Challenge Partners Review Report June 2021