General Resources

These are some helpful sites you may find useful, not just for home schooling. There are also some trial offers for assistive software. Please also review the pathway specific (i.e. Stepping Stones, Tracks or Lanes) resources for your child.

Literacy resources

A number of useful literacy games and resources collated by a SEN teacher

Reading resources

A number of useful reading resources and on line books collated by a SEN teacher

BBC home learning

A set of resources for parents with toolkits, support tips, videos and more from the BBC

Send tech tips for your devices

a collection of Youtube videos with tips on how to make technology work for SEND pupils, and get the most out of your devices. How you can 'read' websites, switch on assistive tech on your phone and more


329 3293955 boardmaker logo credit karma inc logo

A free trial of the Boardmaker assistive technology program. 30 and 60 days are available.

Widgit Symwriter

A 21 day trial of the Widgit program SimWriter, the easy symbol writing program for all.

Techability logo cropped

A summary of hardware and software which may be useful when learners are at home. For further advice or support you can also contact one of TechAbility’s Assistive Technologists