Aspire - PfA

The Village School seeks to maximise the life chances of all of our young people and so it is crucial to prepare young people for life beyond school and college. The values and principals document makes direct reference to developing: ‘knowledge, skills and attributes they, The Village School students, need to lead successful and happy lives’

At The Village School, we aim to empower students and equip them with essential life skills, focusing on self-development, independence and employability (at the Village School, we use the term employability in the broadest of sense which includes lifestyle, i.e., how your time is employed) using a personalised approach to meet individual needs and EHCP outcomes. 

Our Careers Leader is Aditi Singh. She can be contacted on 0300 3030610 or

Our CEIAG policy is available to download from our Statutory Policy page, and a report on what our learners have been doing is available below.