Phonics in Primary School

Teaching of ‘PHONICS’ in the Primary Department.

All learners at The Village School will be given the opportunity to develop their phonics skills where appropriate.

The Primary Department is in the process of moving from ‘Letters and Sounds’ to the Department of Education validated Twinkl Phonics which is a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme that contains everything needed to deliver high-quality and engaging phonics lessons.

Twinkl Phonics provides six levels of dynamic, phonics-centred materials covering all the statutory requirements outlined on the 2014 National Curriculum and revised EYFS Framework, ready to teach. The scheme ensures a structured approach to learning grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs)

All the planning, lesson resources, display materials, assessment materials and supplementary items, such as printable physical resources, intervention programmes, reading books and interactive games that are needed to deliver complete phonics provision in are provided and ensure a consistent approach can be used across the Primary Department and for home learning.

What is Synthetic phonics? 
Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching reading and writing in which words are broken up into their smallest units of sound or ‘phonemes’. Learners learn to associate a written letter or group of letters, known as ‘graphemes’, with each phoneme. Sounds are then built up or ‘blended’ together into words for reading or, conversely, whole words are broken down or ‘segmented’ into their constituent sounds for writing. 

Learners learn in an order which is well thought-out and allows them to progress through stages as they are ready, teachers have a structure for planning and clear stages for assessing learners, in order to ensure progression and coverage, learners can attempt new words working from sound alone, reading and writing become practices that are developed hand-in-hand. 

More details of the Phonics program at TVS is the the Primary Phonics at TVS document in the download section below..


Title Date  
Primary Phonics at TVS 22nd Apr 2022 Download