Physical Management

The Physical Management Strategies team at the Village School work side by side with the NHS Physiotherapy staff in delivering Physical Management programmes to our students with complex needs. We use a multidisciplinary approach with input from our teaching and support staff. 

A student’s plan may include postural management, stretching, range of motion, mobility, gross motor function, group exercise plans, and general physical maintenance. We try to encourage independence at a level personal to each student and we provide support and training to classroom staff so that our students have access to Physical Management throughout each school day.  


Physical Management is part of the wholistic approach highly developed at the Village School. Cross working with Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physical Education and Swimming teachers enables broader therapeutic intervention which considers of the individual needs of each student.


For students who have a GP outside of Brent, our school employed Physiotherapist Lelia Micaelidou is responsible for the physical management and exercise needs of these students. Each programme is created with input from the particular student and their physiotherapy will involve teaching and support staff, and where appropriate their family. Physiotherapy includes exercises, stretches, respiratory treatment and support, pain relief and postural management. Our physiotherapist liaises very closely with your NHS therapist in your local borough to ensure consistency in support. 


Our Team


Lelia Micaelidou


Irena Krupriel


Orla Counihan-Sanchez


Parents are invited to telephone the school office if they wish to make an appointment to discuss their child’s therapy