NHS Support

The Village School are very lucky to have expert support from our local NHS Trust - London North West University Healthcare & Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Nursing Team

The special schools nursing team promotes the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Brent with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The team’s priority is to help pupils achieve their potential in school by supporting them and their families with their health needs.

The nurses are experienced in supporting children and adults with learning disabilities. Working closely with education, social care and other healthcare professionals, the nurses help care for pupils with complex health needs and medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, allergies and epilepsy.

They also give advice to help parents and special schools to manage a child's medical conditions and provide training and support for teachers and teaching assistants on specific issues like asthma, epilepsy and allergies.

Their work also includes:

  • continence management and advice
  • safeguarding
  • health promotion
  • administering regular and emergency medication
  • health care plans
  • enteral feeding
  • developmental checks to monitor pupils' height and weight as required for specific children 

NHS Physiotherapy (located on site)

Brent NHS Physiotherapy work with students who have a Brent GP. 

They help children who need physiotherapy support in several ways, such as:

  • an exercise or physical/postural management program
  • individual or group sessions with a physiotherapist or a physiotherapy assistant
  • specialist equipment (such as orthotics, mobility aids, or postural management equipment)
  • a review of your child's physiotherapy needs and program after an agreed period of time
  • training parents, carers, or school staff to carry out exercise or physical/postural management programs, so that they can be performed as part of your child's daily routine when this is appropriate
  • working with parents, teachers, learning support assistants, nurses and medical staff
  • referring to other services that might help your child (such as a wheelchair service, podiatry, other therapy services like Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy).

NHS Dietetics 

The NHS Dieticians run clinics at The Village School every second to third week and work closely with other professionals, school staff and families. They are fundamental in providing support in nutrition for our children who may have: 

  • Enteral tube feeding 
  • Behavioural eating problems 
  • Gastro-intestinal conditions 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Weight management

Referrals are usually made by doctors or other health professionals.

NHS Community Paediatrician 

Brent NHS Community Paediatricians run clinics at The Village School. This specialist community service work closely with parents, health visitors, nurses, therapist, mental health services, social care and education professionals to help children achieve the best possible health outcomes. 

The Paediatricians may look after children who have:

  • Complex disabilities
  • Developmental delay 
  • Cerebral Palsy 
  • Genetic Syndromes such as Down Syndrome
  • Autism 
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Other neurodevelopment and metabolic conditions

Our Team



Donna Deehan

(Lead of School Nursing)

Seana O'Malley

(School Nurse)




Bodene Benade

(Highly Specialist Physiotherapist)

Sonali Sharma

(Highly Specialist Physiotherapist)


Amy Solomon

(Specialist Physiotherapist)