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The Village School was inspected in June 2023.  The latest inspection resulted in The Village School continuing to be an outstanding school.

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"Pupils make excellent progress from very low starting points because there is no ceiling placed on what they can achieve."

"Pupils enjoy learning and demonstrate a tremendous sense of delight as they learn new skills."

"Inspiring, colourful and thoughtfully resourced learning environments motivate pupils to achieve extremely well."


"The learning environment is vibrant and well resourced. Adults use song and dance to engage pupils and encourage them to communicate simple choices. For example, in a music lesson young pupils were captivated as the teacher picked instruments out of a bag and exposed the group to new sounds. Pupils then chose an instrument to play for themselves."

16 -19 Study programmes

"Students make excellent progress and receive appropriate accredited qualifications, dependent on their interests and abilities. They also make admirable progress in life skills and in developing independence skills. For example, students visit the school shop and café to develop their queuing skills, use of money and social skills. They are then able to extend these skills in the busier environment of the coffee shop within the FE college."

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