Parent Questionnaire

The key findings from our most recent parent questionnaire were:

  • Mostly positive feedback from parents/carers regarding training and the Family Workers 
  • Majority of responses were either agree or strongly agree in our Family Worker survey
  • Following consultation evenings most parents/carers were pleased with their children’s progress
  • Parents and carers were happy with the support they received to help their children at home
  • There are a small minority of parents who thought that communication could be improved
  • And some parents wanted more support regarding managing their children’s behaviour at home

Actions the school is to take:

  • To inform all parents and carers about the Positive Behaviour Intervention Team (PBIT)
  • Ensure that all parents and carers have opportunities to meet with the range of therapists within the school
  • Have our new Leadership Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) team monitor specified areas of communication and consider how it may be improved
  • With any negative feedback, those parents or carers will be invited in to the school to discuss and find a way forward.