Family Workers

At The Village School, we have a strong support system for parents, carers and families. Our aim, as a team is to improve the link between home and school and to encourage families to become an active part of the school community.

Elsie's role is to support all families and carers at The Village School, but primarily with the younger children in Villages 1 & 2 regarding any issues or concerns they may have.

She recognises the many challenges our families/carers may face and wishes to be there as someone to listen to and to advise as necessary over problems covering areas such as getting additional support.

Elsie keeps herself-updated with current initiatives which might be of benefit to families and pupils by attending a variety of training and conferences.

For new early year pupils, she ensures transitions go smoothly, making phone calls to parents to let them know that their child arrived in school happy and settled in the class, as parents are often anxious when their children first come into school. Elsie wants to allay these worries and is more than happy to call on a regular basis to report how their child is settling in if that is what parents would like.

Elsie is available for home visits for new early years pupils, which help us get a better picture of our young children, what are their likes/dislikes and the struggles families may have to meet their needs.

As part of her daily routine she visits classes to check if any support is needed with individual pupils and can be a go between for families and teachers and any other agencies involved.

She also organises and facilitates workshops, drop in surgeries, training, coffee mornings and courses.

For example, in the summer term we have our favourite cultural event  'Bring a Dish' whereby we share special food from our diverse backgrounds. Our chair of  Governors, Sandra Kabir has been working closely with Elsie and families in her role as Councillor to invite outside guests to give information on such things as, housing and social care.

Additionally, she attends Annual Reviews, CIN meetings, meetings with parents for support, help fill in forms, sign posting to the right agencies. Elsie can arrange meetings for parents and the agencies involved with their child. She works closely with the Safeguarding Lead over areas where we have concerns around attendance or home issues. Elsie was instrumental in the work we did to obtain the  "Leading Parent Partnership Award".

Lastly, Elsie wants you to know that she is here for you whenever you might need her, please call the school on 0208 206 3779, 0208 204 5396 ext 155 or her mobile number 07494032350 and leave a message. She will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elsie works Monday to Friday.

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Elsie Penez

Family Worker