The Village School Vision




All pupils will make good and outstanding progress All pupils will have access to a stimulating curriculum which is personalised to meet their needs All pupils can expect excellent outcomes throughout their school life and aspire to the same on leaving and in the future
Progress will be tracked and analysed against academic, personal, social and wellbeing, behaviour and therapeutic criteria All pupils have the appropriate resources and kit to support communication and physical development All pupils have the right to contribute, belong and be heard
Teaching interventions are judged for the success of their impact and respond swiftly to pupil needs as required All pupils’ families and communities are part of The Village. Pupils are valued in their own right All pupils, and past pupils, should have access to opportunities in the local and wider community
Research, innovation and CPLD are the heart of how we support pupils to make best progress possible We work as a team and we adhere to our core values an include our partners