Wellbeing Awareness

Wellbeing' refers to a state of positive mental health and wellness.. 

It involves a sense of optimism, confidence, happiness, clarity, vitality, self-worth, achievement, having a meaning and purpose, engagement, having supportive and satisfying relationships with others and understanding oneself, and responding effectively to one’s own emotions. 

At the Village School, early intervention and a whole school approach can be highly effective in improving wellbeing and reducing the impact of mental health problems. This whole school and community approach involves parents as well. 

Subsequently, we have appointed a Mental Health and Wellbeing lead for the school. Their contact details are as follows:

  • Name: Sabrina Saler
  • Email: ssa@compasslp.co.uk
Some useful links for parents

City and Mental Health Alliance Toolkit

The toolkit provide an overview of the key topics dealing with mental health, signposts you to further information from trusted sources, and shares insights from parents and young people who have been through it. This toolkit will help you to:

  • understand good mental health and mental health difficulties in children and young people
  • be aware of why and when difficulties can arise and what to look out for
  • know how to help your child if they are struggling
  • know when and how to get professional help
  • understand that you need to look after yourself, too.

Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation gives practical steps to help you address the issues regarding mental health and well being, focusing on loneliness