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It takes a village to raise a child

At The Village School, affectionately known to our friends as TVS, we strive to achieve the goal that all of our community feel they belong and can make a contribution to the greater good. We are an inclusive community school celebrating diversity.

We are housed in a breathtaking building, which is the happy outcome from a superb consultation process with all our community, fully funded by the London Borough of Brent and a very talented Architect who listened and fought for the best we could get. The school has a sensory resource base, including a range of sensory and soft play suites, a superbly resourced swimming pool, extensive play and outdoor learning areas, gym, multi-agency hubs, a fully operational shop, café and producing kitchen, a hall with full lighting and sound facilities, drama/dance studio, fully equipped sports hall, a self -contained flat to support life skills and lifestyle learning, a training suite and specialist teaching rooms and resources.

The Village School has 310 pupils aged 3 to 19 and we cater for a wide range of complex needs; all levels of learning, communication, ASC, physical, medical and sensory impairment. We take pride in our inclusive philosophy and our commitment that all our children can make progress and it is their entitlement. There are more than 200 highly trained and experienced staff at TVS, including teachers, teaching assistants, personal care staff, lunchtime supervisors, therapists, administration and technical staff, site management and family workers.

There is an extensive and comprehensive training programme in place for all our community, including parents and other schools and organisations. We believe in a transdisciplinary approach to supporting pupils, an exciting curriculum with an emphasis on developing communication skills and independence, a focus on the Arts, physical development and enrichment opportunities, including practise and preparation for adult life. This provides excellent opportunities for our pupils to be included and contribute to the wider community.

We are based on three sites; The Village School, The Kingsbury Village Site (KVS)  and  Hope Village Site (HVS). 

Our aim has been to develop personalised pathways for our pupils so that their needs and aspirations can be met. 

We are part of the Brent Schools Partnership and we work very closely with the London Borough of Brent to achieve the best for our pupils and our provision.

Hermann Farrington
Head Teacher, The Village School.

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