Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent:

We aim to:

  • prepare our pupils for life after The Village School, so that they can live purposeful and meaningful lives.
  • prepare our pupils for adulthood.
  • offer a holistic approach to education.
  • ensure the curriculum is steeped with a strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural dimension which acknowledges and celebrates our community.
  • ensure the curriculum is relevant, purposeful, engaging and exciting.
  • promote healthy and safe lifestyles 
  • develop pupil voice.

The curriculum at The Village School supports the vision of Progress, Inclusion and Entitlement by giving pupils the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment in which there is a focus on recognising and celebrating achievement and supporting progression in learning and in which pupils feel safe and are happy. 

Our aim is that pupils will develop their skills as: independent enquirers, team workers, effective participants, self-managers, creative thinkers and reflective learners.  

see full details in our Curriculum Policy

Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum by contacting the school.