Community and Outreach

“It takes a village to raise a child”

This quote is based on an African proverb and reflects our ethos of inclusion and teamwork. The pupils of the school chose the name of the school.

We are an inclusive community school and we celebrate diversity and harmony. We strive to be a valued member of the local and wider community, being outward-looking and forging strong partnerships. This is in the best interests of our youngsters. We have a shop and a café at The Village School which provide opportunities for our young people to rehearse their life skills in a safe environment, helping to build their confidence to go out into the local and wider community. 

We are committed to the sound principles of school to school support and engage with many schools, organisations, individuals and provisions through partnerships and day to day matters. 

A number of organisations use the building for lettings purposes which include swimming clubs, Kumon and choir practice and an exciting new Saturday Club for young people with complex needs.

A range of training and continuing professional learning and development opportunities are available at The Village for other schools, fellow professionals, parents and families. The school was purpose-built to be outward-looking and we are delighted that our training room facilities are well used by the community for improving Brent Schools and the life chances of our children at The Village. 

The Brent Schools Partnership is based at The Village School which is a non-profit making, unique and exciting school improvement organisation, run by schools for schools, for the greater good of all children and young people in Brent. It has a membership of more than 75 schools. 

The Village School is a strategic partner of Woodfield School Teaching Alliance, a member of Brent Schools Partnership and is a member of Challenge Partners (an external national organisation) which conducts a range of external school reviews and supports research and challenge on national educational policy. 

We are delighted that we have a new healthcare clinic next door and we are looking forward to being helpful neighbours over the coming years. 

For further partnership information please see our ‘Partnership’ tab under ‘About us’ which highlights our excellent practice regarding partnership working. 

Outreach and school to school support are an area of excellence due to the exceptional continuing professional development we already have at our school and because of the highly trained well-qualified staff employed at The Village School. On this page, you will find more details of our ICT offer of services and our training and bespoke consultancy offer.