Young Money Centre of Excellence in FE

Young Money Centre of Excellence in Financial Education Award

We have now joined 82 other schools and been awarded Young Money Centre of Excellence in Financial Education status. Farry Khadjeh led the project to ensure that financial education is embedded within the curriculum and adapted for all our pupils. Evidence of the success of the school’s commitment to financial education can be seen at our shop, cafeterias and horticulture projects. Here you will see our pupils supporting the shop and cooking and serving the most delicious food, using some of the produce grown at school!

Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise, said: 

‘We are delighted that The Village School has joined our Centre of Excellence programme through our partnership with Santander. The work that staff will be doing with our educational specialists over the coming months will be of enormous benefit to our children and young people, with financial education set to be firmly embedded into the curriculum.  Our aim is to ensure that all of our young people enter adult life with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage money well.’