Hope Village Site

We are located at 434 Church Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 8BD. For directions, please use the map below.

The Hope Village Site offers an outstanding personalised curriculum that builds on our core school vision for progress, inclusion and entitlement. The provision focuses on the strengths and needs of unique pupils in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. 

At The Hope Village Site, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate for our pupils. Our curriculum intent focuses on five key areas:

  •          Communication and Interaction
  •          Sensory and Physical Needs
  •          Emotional Wellbeing, Keeping Healthy and Safe
  •          Independence and Community Participation
  •          Cognition and Learning

We believe pupils are entitled to access a wide range of creative learning opportunities to nurture their development. The school wide expressive arts team enable creative projects with leading arts professionals that support pupil’s weekly access to art, drama and music. Regular access to speech and language therapy and staff trained in evidence-based approaches ensure pupils develop their communication and social skills.

Occupational therapy and physical education guarantee pupils’ sensory and physical development needs are identified and met. Pupils have access to tailored sensory diets, swimming, outdoor and adventurous activities. Our gardening and cooking activities support learning aims from the science, literacy and maths curriculum while also providing pupils with the skills and knowledge to live independent fulfilling lives.

At the Hope Village Site, our trained team deliver evidence-based approaches including Attention Autism, Makaton and independent learning strategies to develop effective communication skills and enable pupils to sustain attention to tasks. We use a range of approaches including talking mats to gain pupils’ views on their strengths, needs, aspirations and interests. These views inform person centred planning ensuring pupils have the opportunity to shape their education.

The curriculum at the Hope Village Site aims to prepare our young people for meaningful and active working lives through progress in the five key areas. We believe challenge and high aspirations are an entitlement for our pupils.

That’s why we provide opportunities for pupils to learn, explore and defy expectations in a safe and supportive environment. Our end goal is to cultivate creative independent individuals that feel included and entitled in our community.