Secondary School


“The Pursuit of Excellence” 

The Secondary curriculum was derived with the view that each learner’s needs can vary a great deal depending on their circumstances and personal abilities, as well as the nature of their disability, hence, there are likely to be gaps in their functional abilities, educational achievement, and attainment.

Progress of learners is more likely to be spikey than linear in nature. Some learners may find it very difficult to perform basic skills necessary to live independently and safely. Their communication skills may be underdeveloped. It might be very challenging for some learners to effectively complete some academic skills such as basic literacy or numeracy. Consequently, learners may demonstrate a variety of challenging behaviours.

An initial assessment of each learner helps the school determine the needs of the individual and the kind of support they need. All learners’ EHCP targets are linked to the curriculum and we are united in the pursuit of excellence for each individual’s holistic development. “Every Learner Matters”


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