Work Experience at The Village Shop

SG is a student at our Kingsbury Village site and as part of his learning towards his Business course in Kingsbury High School - he will undergo a work experience programme in The Village Shop.  This experience will give him a stronger understanding from beginning to end of how a business is run on a daily basis and in turn broaden his knowledge furthermore equip him with key skills for him to become a future young entrepreneur.

The Project he will participate in is the development, launch, marketing and selling branded Village Shop/Cafe plastic, re-useable and environment Friendly Coffee/Tea 500ml cups.

Lesson One:-

  • Introduction
  • Worked out the costing and profitability of a product.
  • Customer Service
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Conducted a Stock Take
  • Serving Customers

Lesson Two:-

  • Designed a Logo for Plastic coffee Cups
  • Branding
  • Building a Customer Base
  • Consumer Loyalty
  • Special Deals
  • Sale Reductions
  • Depreciation of Stock
  • Pricing Stock
  • Serving Customers