Village 3 Curriculum

The Objectives of The Village 3 Curriculum:

  • To prepare our students for life after The Village School so that they can live a purposeful and meaningful life.
  • To prepare our students for adulthood. The Village 3 curriculum is outcome focussed to ensure that all groups of students, regardless of background or ability have the knowledge, skills and accreditations needed for life after The Village School and into their adult lives.

The curriculum is personalised, meaningful and appropriate for our students. This has been extremely effective in ensuring that our students make outstanding progress both academically and holistically. The individual EHCPs and Preparation for Adulthood outcomes play a vital role in the village 3 curriculum as this underpins all that we do. We also write the 19-25 outcomes for our leavers to ensure that these important skills continue to be developed and consolidated. Our curriculum is currently split into 4 pathways:

Stepping Stones: Students working between V1 and V4

Lower Tracks: Students working between V5 and V7

Upper Tracks: Students working between V8 and V11

Lanes: Students working between V12 and V15


If you don’t know where you are going, how can you plan your journey? The purpose of education is to learn what is needed to live purposeful, meaningful and fulfilled lives. For all young people, not just those with SENs, this life will look different. No two people are on the same path, nor do they all have the same destinations, so why should their journey be identical? In Village 3, we believe that the journey is just as important, if not more important, than the destination.

The Village 3 curriculum is outcome focussed. We constantly ask ourselves: What does the young person need to be able to do in order to live a purposeful; meaningful and fulfilled life? What is their realistic future? Will they be able to work independently? Could they work with support? Could they volunteer? Or will they have a life, which is more focussed on leisure activities? If so, what do they need to be able to do by the time they leave the Village school and beyond? This informs our curriculum and everything that they learn with us in Village 3.