Village 2 Classes visit The National Gallery

Two groups of pupils from Village 2 visited the National Gallery this term.

Class 11 visited on 11th February as part of the Explore It program for students with SEND. They had fantastic fun in a rocky boat made out of cardboard with the waves and water splashing and seagulls diving. The painting was Calais Pier by JM Turner which was chosen to tie in with the curriculum theme of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.

Class 18 visited on 12th March as part of the Sense It program for students with more complex needs. The gallery runs a wonderful program which looks at all aspects of our pupils’ wellbeing to ensure they are safe, comfortable and can enjoy the gallery and their creativity with dignity and a focus on learning. The class looked at the painting Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus by JM Turner which links with next term’s curriculum theme of Treasure Island. They had lots of fun participating in a sensory soundscape with a focus on the story in the painting and a music filled gallery session.