The Village Shop

The Village Shop is located across from the Café next to the main hall. We sell many items ranging from stationery, wall art, cushions, toys and much more.

The shop is used by our students of all ages for a number of reasons. Firstly to understand the concept of buying and selling of goods, secondly making items to sell and thirdly older students learn about the daily duties of running a shop including stock replenishment, merchandising, pricing, using a cash point, cleaning windows, floor and surfaces. 

Please pay us a visit and have a browse!

Using the shop as part of the curriculum

Our students are learning to count how much money is required to buy a particular item in the shop as part of their Maths lessons.

Correct denominations and change is calculated to ensure the customer has not been short changed.

Some students are working with the notes and larger coins as they do the end of the day cashing up. Whilst others are working with smaller value coins to work out how to get to lower amounts working with smaller denominations.

Class 25 have been running the shop every Thursday and we have had a delivery that is going to be priced, replenished and displayed ready to be sold. Students have taken to running the shop and are very eager to get the job done!

The rest of the class are working on filling up the chiller with drinks ready for customers to buy.