Pupil Questionnaire and Examples of Pupil Work

In September 2015 students were asked a variety of questions regarding life in The Village School. The results of our questionnaire can be seen in the doument below:

Before The Village School

Before The Village School, I ask…………

Why are they always holding my hands?

Why am I not like them?

Why am I different?

Why am I not learning like them?

Why can’t I run like them?


Since The Village School, I say………….

Everything is different

I’m the clever one in class

I know everything

I can run by myself

I can ride a bicycle by myself

My teacher keeps saying ‘well done’

(AY Class 8)

One of our year 10 pupils has produced a presentation on bullying to which she presented to other schools at Brent Civic Centre. Please click below to view the slides: