Play Scheme

The Village School offers a summer playscheme usually for the first 10 days of the summer holiday for children and young people aged 8 years and over.

This is much appreciated by our children and young people as they have access to really exciting activities and trips.

It has a different feel to the normal school year and enriches experiences, developing independence and……..they all have lots of fun with friends!

The staff who run the scheme are all employed by The Village School and as is normal practice The Village School will bring in other recognised groups for specific activities, such as dance, but the children and young people are always supervised and supported by people who know them.

The School Business Manager organises and manages the playscheme every year and you will receive a form which goes out to parents and carers in the summer term for you to fill in and apply for a place on it.

For more details call 0208 204 5396.