Parent Questionnaire 2016

The views and opinions of our parents are very important to us at The Village School. In September 2016 we asked parents about certain aspects of the school in order to gain opinion. The results of our questionnaire can be found in the document below. Thank you to all those who took part:-

‘Does your child enjoy being at school?’

100% agreed, with 73% strongly agreeing. ‘Walid is always happy to attend his school’ was one parent’s response while another said ‘since Yaseen started school, he’s enjoyed every single day, he is a happy boy’. 

‘Does the school keep your child safe?’

100% agreed with 73% strongly agreeing 

‘Does the school inform parents/carers of their child’s progress’

100% agreed. 

‘Does the school meet your child’s particular needs?’

99% agreed.  ‘I am very happy with the treatment of my son at school’ a parent/carer mentioned. 

‘Does the school deal effectively with challenging behaviour?’

99% agreed