Key Successes and What We Need To Improve (2016-2017)

What are our key successes so far?

  • Enhancing transition thus ensuring a smoother and less stressful move to the CNWL for our young people.
  • Reduction in anxiety for parents and carers during transition as a result of having gained confidence in the provision during the preceding year. 

  • Improvement across the board in personal, social and independence skills (PSI) for young people at the Village School and this has developed alongside a growing sense of maturity, confidence and, increased self-esteem. 

  • Parents and carers have commented upon this growing maturity and greater self-confidence and level of independence for the young people. This has been a wonderful validation of the progress the young people have made whilst being at the CNWL. 

  • Joint projects such as the Create Animation project, Bake Off skill competition, Italian restaurant training day and, Music project. These have involved both CNWL staff and students and Village School staff and students working alongside each other and, the young people supporting each other during these events. 

  • Opportunities to build relationships with former students and new college students from other areas. 

  • Extending PSI opportunities to integrate with mainstream young people and work experience students. 

  • Access to the local Starbuck’s café enabling the transfer of independence skills into real life meaningful situations. 

  • Sharing SEND expertise such as; Physical intervention training, Makaton training, moving and handling training and, epilepsy training. 

What do we need to get better at? 

  • Include Village School in student voice (‘Meet the Manager’ and buddy up with CNWL student ambassadors) 

  • Develop joint practice around Autism provision. 

  • Develop joint practice around PMLD physical disability provision.  

  • Improve transition with summer term induction for young people from the Village School (phased induction for later applications) 

  • Streamlining and developing a joint approach to curriculum and accreditation (in conjunction with Woodfield School) 

  • CPLD at the Village School for staff from CNWL 

  • Joint leadership and management opportunities and development including job shadowing and joint teaching observations.