Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM)

The Village School is proud to say that we have been awarded both the Inclusion Quality Mark and the Centre of Excellence Award.
To read all about what these prestiguious awards entail please see the below slides explaining all about IQM:
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In May 2016 we had a IQM Centre of Excellence Review and The Village School was made an IQM Flagship. The latest report for the review of this to confirm our ongoing status was in May 2018 can be seen below.
May 2018 IQM Flagship Review:
'The reviewed targets from 2017 demonstrated the school’s innovative responses in providing for individual student’s needs. The Attention Autism intervention (element 3) recognises the importance of ensuring students ability to engage in the learning journey and is delivered on a regular basis 3 times weekly in 10-20-minute sessions. The review document gives a fuller explanation of the intervention which has proved highly successful, together with details of the staff training and ongoing evaluation. Outcomes from the intervention are impressive, with examples shown of students taking the role of teacher/coach in the classroom as well as successful integration packages for students back into mainstream schools (one student attending English grammar lessons in a neighbouring mainstream school). The school has now, with the lead PE teacher, embedded a new PE curriculum which is delivered through the Trans-disciplinary team (OT’s Physio’s known in school as Physical Management Assistants) The redesigned levels now appear as “V” levels (Village) and are recorded and tracked using Classroom Monitor. An interesting development of their tracking and recording is the embedding of videos in classroom monitor as examples of progress. The PE curriculum follows 3 pathways: PMLD, ASD and MLD/SLD. The curriculum has been presented to the Brent, Harrow and Herts Assessment Group and is validated to Challenge Partners. The school has close links to the Jason Roberts Foundation (Jason Roberts Foundation is a registered Charity working to Support young people, celebrate diversity and promote Respect across the UK and Grenada.) and students have attended a four-day residential stay at the home of the National Children’s games in Aylesbury. Students are heavily involved (and very successful) in competitive sports activities with other boroughs. The pathways approach has enabled the inclusion of all students. In considering the destinations for students post school age the school is realistic and provide learning opportunities for students to develop academically as well as social and emotional development. Lessons and learning are focused directly on the individual needs of the student. The school have placed great importance on collaboration with other schools and providers and detailed evidence was shared with me regarding their inclusion work with: • Kingsbury high School (Student ambassadors, Key stage 3 and below daily visits). • Partnerships with Faith Groups. • Links with Oliver Goldsmith Primary School. • MENCAP project with Byron Court primary School (The ‘All In’ Award is a school based programme designed to develop positive attitudes of young people without learning disabilities towards those with learning disabilities. Inclusive peer groups are set up to support teamwork, communication and skills development. The school is an exciting and motivating learning environment. All areas are immaculately maintained the drive, expertise and enthusiasm of the staff is remarkable. The criteria for Flagship status as defined by IQM is:- • “An individual school can further its work in Inclusion through internal research activities. • A Flagship School will determine for themselves who will be involved and the direction in which they choose to make progress. There is still the opportunity to work alongside other schools in an area, with the others acting as a Centre of Excellence.” The Village School has demonstrated, through their rigorous and relentless drive to provide the very best experiences for their students, that all aspects of the Flagship status have been met. The SLT have a very clear but challenging school action plan which necessitates high levels of expertise and involvement from all staff members together with innovation and collaboration. The school is keen to play a joint role in the IQM Cluster Group activities and have also asked me to include the names of other IQM schools which would be useful partners in their collaborative work: • Riverbank Academy, Coventry. • Newfields School, Blackburn (opening a new autism school provision in September). • Joy lane Primary School, Whitstable (assessment tracking). The Village School is both a stunning building with outstanding resources and an environment which celebrates success. The teaching and learning environment and all activities are carefully planned to meet the needs of all students, encouraging independence and motivation. The education journey is holistic and has a constant view on the destination opportunities for students. This same approach is true of recruitment and retention of staff. The school certainly actions a “home grown” approach to staffing. Many members of staff who joined the school as TA’s have progressed to teacher status and on to Senior Leadership positions, ensuring succession planning and continuity of The Village ethos and approach to learning. It is a huge privilege to be able to visit the school and experience the drive and professionalism of the staff and see, at first hand, the successes of the students. I recommend that The Village School retains its status as an IQM Flagship School and be reviewed again in 12 months. The next review will look closely at how the school has interacted with its Inclusion Cluster and promoted continuing outreach. Evidence of Cluster working will underpin the capacity for the school to maintain its Flagship status. Findings confirmed by Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd:'