Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment

An information session was set up by Meena Mehta - Transitions Team and Beverely Evans - School Nursing Team on 25th April 2017 at parents request as they were unsure of the process from DLA to PIP.  This session was to inform parents of the transition process.  It also gave them an idea of what to expect in regards to the forms and how to fill them in.
Presenter:  Robert Bailey - Brent Mencap

Facilitated by:  Meena Mehta - Village Transition Team

                           Beverley Evans - School Nurse 

Target group:  Parents/Carers from The Village School & Woodfield School whose children have DLA and will transition into PIP when they turn 16yrs old.

Summary/Feedback from Parents: 

Parents and Carers found the session very informative and helpful. Very positive feedback from the parents that attended the workshop.  They felt that the session helped them to make things more clearer and more confident in what to expect in the future when the DLA changes into a PIP.   They felt less “in the Dark” about what to expect when their children went from a DLA into a PIP.  They felt more empowered about how to answer the questions and felt more confident about the process.  They also liked that the presentation gave them tips and contacts of where to get help with filling in the forms.  Parents were happy to be able to network with other parents from both schools and share experiences.


All parents and carers who attended were happy with the presentation and they would be interested in more information sessions regarding other topics regarding the Transition process to be arranged for them in the future.  Overall, parents and carers felt that the advisory session was very informative and useful.  They said that they enjoyed it and felt motivated to attend future information sessions at the school.