Autumn 2015

Over the past term the Achievement Award was given to Tai Peart, in recognition of his improvement in participating in class and contributing in group sessions. In recognition of his improvements, a contribution of £200 from the Jack Petchey Foundation was given to The Village School for Tai and a small selection of staff to spend. This money was spent on an Auditory Sensory Box containing a variety items offering different auditory stimulation and musical rewards, which is available to all the classes within the school. 

At the same time the Leader’s Award for the school year of 2015 -2016 went to Ann West for all the hard work she has done at The Village School over the years. Her dedication, professionalism, and commitment to our students was truly acknowledged by the way the students thanked her – with a book they had created themselves stating why she is such a wonderful volunteer. A prize of £750 was donated to The Village School, by the Jack Petchey Foundation in acknowledgement of her work, which in turn, she is spending on much needed musical instruments to enhance the musical experiences of the pupils of The Village School.