Progress and Assessment

2018-2019 Summary 

Pupil progress has been especially strong in Literacy this year so far with 76% of pupils already making expected progress or above. This is closely followed by Mathematics, with more than 60 % of pupils in every key stage making expected progress or higher.

We have continued to increase challenge in targets and expectations (SIP 2018/19) for all pupils across the school this has had an impact on pupil progress and now demonstrates meaningful and functional outcomes being met for all pupils. 

PE progress is extremely high this year across the school with 90% of pupils having made expected or above progress and 92% of pupils in lanes making expected or above progress, in response we will be looking to increase challenge for theses pupils next academic year. 

Our continued focus on interventions and support for LAC, PPG and EAL  pupils have no gap in progress for all these groups across all core subjects.

ICT has the lowest rates of progress for pupils as the assessment struggles to demonstrate the progress that our pupils make this is currently being addressed and re written (SIP 2018/19)

KS5 and Lanes pupils are making the slowest rates of progress across the school this is our smallest cohort of pupils and this is due to the focus on accreditation where progress is demonstrated against OCR’s.

Full details can be viewed in the document below

Leavers for 2019: On track for 100% College but the list of which college the students are going on to may change as not all the students have had assessments yet.

Leavers for 2018:  96% College 4% School = 100% in education


Title Date  
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Mid Year TVS Progress Spread Analysis 2018 2019 09th Jan 2020 Download
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Therapy Reports Autumn 2018 09th Jan 2020 Download