The Golden Circle

We aspire to the Golden Circle

Golden circle1


  • Why are we teaching this?
  • Why are we engaging in this activity?
  • Is this part of our pedagogy at the Village?


  • How are we going to do this?
  • How will it meet the needs of this group of pupils or individual?
  • Is this pupil ready to learn?
  • How can I support this young person to learn and make progress?
  • Are the pupils all catered for?


  • What activity have we selected and does it meet the how and the what?
  • What do the pupils think about it?
  • What do our teams think about it?
  • What do our families and community think about it?


  • An inclusive community school celebrating diversity
  • We value and are valued as part of the wider community
  • Outward looking with improved outcomes
  • Good and outstanding progress made by pupils
  • A holistic trans-disciplinary organisation of expertise and support for the whole school community
  • To achieve excellence in everything we do
  • Excellent teaching for pupils with complex learning difficulties and disabilities
  • High-quality delivery of training, induction and outreach support
  • Strong pupil, parent and family voice
  • Inclusive creative curriculum facilitating independence
  • Focus on language and communication
  • Entitlement is key
  • Differentiated and age-appropriate curriculum
  • Purposeful and safe environment
  • Excellent quality of care, guidance and support
  • Outdoor and adapted learning environment
  • Extended provision
  • Maximise learning opportunities and experiences

"It takes a village to raise a child" African proverb

  • 3 Villages - Village 1: ages 2 – 7, Village 2: ages 7 – 14, Village 3: ages 14 – 19
  • Shared resources to add value and quality
  • Discrete learning environments
  • Flexible accommodation and support
  • Community access and involvement
  • Promoting independence and new opportunities
  • Coordinated multi-agency working
  • Excellent arts and outstanding sports provision
  • Partnership working and outreach work
  • Post-school partnership focus
  • The management of change and a responsive staff structure
  • The budget and funding requires careful planning
  • A changing national picture and its impact on us
  • Making the most of our wonderful new building
  • Meeting pupils’ needs and their statement/EHC requirements
  • Measuring the impact in interventions
  • Partnership working and the transdisciplinary approach
  • Working with and serving the local and wider community
  • Celebrating the new ethos for our community