School Improvement


In the interests of entitlement and the quest to support pupils achieving the best possible outcomes and progress, The Village School has devised an assessment model appropriate to our setting, to monitor and evaluate the progress of our pupils across a wider range of indicators. 

The Village School is supported by input from our teachers, therapists and trans-disciplinary teams, thereby fulfilling our core vision and values as set out below;


  • All pupils will make good and outstanding progress
  • Progress will be tracked and analysed against academic, personal social and wellbeing, behaviour and therapeutic criteria
  • Teaching interventions are judged for the success of their impact and respond swiftly to pupil needs as required
  • Research, innovation and CPLD are the heart of how we support pupils to make best progress possible


  • All pupils will have access to a stimulating curriculum which is personalised to meet their needs
  • All pupils have the appropriate resources and kit to support communication and physical development
  • All pupils’ families and communities are part of The Village. Pupils are valued in their own right
  • We work as a team and we adhere to our core values and include our partners


  • All pupils can expect excellent outcomes throughout their school life and aspire to the same on leaving and in the future
  • All pupils have the right to contribute, belong and be heard

All pupils and past pupils should have access to opportunities in the local and wider community 

Our diagram sets out how the areas in the middle of the circle are those which have specific measurable outcomes taking into consideration to the specific needs and disabilities of our pupils. As a school we have been tirelessly seeking to measure progress across a range of indicators with precision and good evidence, in order to reflect the excellent progress our pupils make, for example in developing their skills which enable them to access learning more effectively. These central 8 areas will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are current and relevant to the needs of our pupils. Underpinning the 8 areas are vital elements of our school which remain constant and these are written in the frame of the circle. 

'The Code of Practice 2015' stipulates (Page 28) 

‘With high aspirations, and the right support, the vast majority of children and young people can go on to achieve successful long-term outcomes in adult life. Local authorities, education providers and their partners should work together to help children and young people to realise their ambitions in relation to:  

  • higher education and/or employment – including exploring different employment options, such as support for becoming self-employed and help from supported employment agencies
  • independent living – enabling people to have choice and control over their lives and the support they receive, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living
  • participating in society – including having friends and supportive relationships, and participating in, and contributing to, the local community
  • being as healthy as possible in adult life ‘ 

These principles are supported at The Village School and delivered through a range of best practice examples of which are included here; 

  • Partnership working with Kingsbury High School  including satellite provision for Village pupils on both sites
  • In house work related learning opportunities are integral to curriculum planning such as block sessions in our Life skills and life style flat accommodation, the café, shop, administration offices and site department
  • Residential educational opportunities at Foxes Hotel
  • A first rate connexions partnership focusing on person centred reviews and the new EHCP framework
  • Trans-disciplinary support from our health and wellbeing faculty in partnership with our onsite NHS colleagues and partners including TAMHs and Connected including Rebound Therapy, Personal and Social Development and Communication.
  • Enrichment opportunities and a vibrant Expressive Arts curriculum focus which facilitates and promotes links and performances with other schools, organisations local and regional events and competitions; Camden Arts, cluster schools, local old people’s home
  • Work for charities raising money for those in need by our pupils and their families
  • Excellent relationships with parents and families fostered and developed by our family workers though training opportunities and excellent communication systems

Participation and success in local and national sporting events and competitions such as; The National Junior Games, Panathlon and Boccia.