TVS Café and Shop partnering with Woodfield School

The Village 3 Café is used for external students doing work placements that in turn will develop into accredited qualifications that give the students a head start to work in a variety of sectors within the UK's fast growing food/beverages industry. The students adhere to all safe working practices and follow strict rules set out by the Food Standards Agency in the Safer Food Better Business booklet, whilst handling food that is sold to the consumer. Training is provided on food safety/hygiene, cross contamination, temperatures, freezing, defrosting, storage, equipment, chemicals and all other aspects to ensure the food is served to a high standard every time. 
The students also cater for office meetings/gathering/parties/hospitality and other functions. 
The area is used by The Village School 16+ students at break times. Every term the students work on a different text in conjunction with the text the students celebrate an event that gives them an experience of a scene that is pivotal to the story. For example the text from one term was Romeo & Juliet. The scene was set by way of creating an ambience of when Romeo attends the party Capulets throw where he meets Juliet for the first time and they fall in love. There was a high tea party for the students as they were the guests at the party. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This event was also catered for by the work experience students from Woodfield School. It was a huge success and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We are now growing our own vegetables and herbs to use in our cafés to work in line with our 'Seed to Plate' program. The students have worked exceptionally hard in this area and have managed to grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs such as King Edward potatoes, red onions, coriander, thyme, sage and much more. These are used on a regular basis in our cooking whilst creating our themed gourmet hot meals, salads, sandwiches and all other dishes. Students also took the initiative to paint the planters to make his area more appealing and welcoming for customers to sit outside to have their lunch near his Edible Garden.

In addition, some students have been working in the shop that is used by staff, students and visitors they are pricing and replenishing stock. The stock is displayed to sell and they undertake all aspects of the daily running of the shop.