The Village Shop

The Shop has now also been running for seven years and has vastly grown into an integral part of the school both for educational and business purposes demonstrating levels.  

The product lines have increased and there is a wider range of items sold in the shop, ranging from Crafts made by Students, Drinks, Snacks, Confectionery, Grocery Items, Stationery, Gifts, Cards, Jewellery, Toys, Books, Preloved Clothes, Shoes, Accessories & More.

There is a Stationery section set-up for students to come and purchase pens, erasers, paper and other essential items when the class has run out of supplies.  Encouraging students to exchange money and develop their communication.  Cooking ingredients are also sold to classes for cooking lessons, students bring a shopping list and purchase items with support and independently, building their understanding of money handling.

The classes are timetabled to take part in shop sessions rotating on a fortnightly basis. students of all abilities are exposed to a variety of sessions on Money Matters such as Matching Coins, Calculating Costs of Goods from Small to Large Coins and Notes.  Money Work Sheets, understanding Money Values, Stock Price Labelling and Replenishment.  The sessions are tailored around individual student ability.

Some classes undertake Role Play in the shop, pupils take turns in playing roles such as Manager, Sales Assistant and Customer. The customer is greeted by the sales assistant, help is offered to aid in customers buying the correct items and we make it our mission that every customer leaves the shop happy with a smile on their face.   

Sayed, our year 11 student, generally plays the Shop Manager role to ensure the smooth running of the shop, even when he’s not there! This entails, maintaining Stock Levels, Stock Ordering, Receiving Deliveries, Stock Rotation, Merchandising, Marketing, Displays, Generating Activity and assisting with class sessions.

Sayed’s Project last year was linked to recycling and reducing our carbon foot print whilst reducing costs and enticing new customers with reduced price coffee in The Village Café.

Project1Sayed's Project

He decided to go with The Village School branded re-usable coffee cup that would be sold in the shop for no more than £5.  He set about looking for a cup, that was good quality and demonstrated a profit whilst spending no more than £3.50 per cup.  He managed to get the cup for £3.00 each cost price and came in within the budget showing a profit of £2.00 per cup. Sayed’s first entrepreneurial success. Well done!

Students have Arts & Crafts sessions as well. These consist of designing theme-based creations, there’s a new craft each week, these are later sold in the shop.

Shop1 Shop2
Decorating a Notepad to be sold in the Shop Designing a personalised Christmas Eve Box


There are other services available too, all types of Clothing Alterations are undertaken.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions all shop sessions are currently being conducted in the classroom.