The Village Cafe

The Café has been operating for approximately seven years and has grown from strength to strength each year, both educationally & financially. We offer a wide variety of delicious food and hot beverages whilst offering students stimulating activities catered to their individual needs. 

There are frequently changing Menus for Breakfast, Brunch, Daily Hot Meals, Cakes, Desserts & Beverages. We choose the finest ingredients and purchase them daily within the local vicinity to ensure that the quality of all food served is of the highest standard and sold at reasonable prices.

Our main customer base is the school community, this includes the multi-disciplinary Staff, Students, Parents, Carers, Visitors, Drivers & Escorts all of whom have given us their loyalty over the years. 

There is table service, delivery and take-away services available. All users are able to enjoy this facility as it has become a hub for people to learn, meet and chat. There is a great atmosphere and every customer is given the best service with a personal touch.  We are open Monday through to Friday from 7.30am - 4.30pm.

Students are timetabled to have Cooking, Tasting and Leisure sessions on a fortnightly basis.   Where they come and enjoy the experiences of a café from different perspectives. It’s a great way to enhance student learning, whilst having a nice time and being highly productive.  Students are also able to buy from the Café. 

Each week there is a different cooking activity.  The students follow a simple recipe and produce some great culinary creations to take home or to enjoy with friends at the Café. These sessions are thoroughly enjoyable as they trigger a whole sensory appetising explosion. Whilst taking in the social ambience too. 

Student learning is paramount here at The Village School and we seek out creative ways to engage students in all aspects of school life, preparing them for the outside world.  

Due to Covid-19, there is currently restricted movement around the school, The Café has been offering a limited menu, The student activities have been adapted and are conducted from their classrooms. Following all protocols to ensure health and safety for all during this challenging period.