College of North West London

Our partnership with the College of North West London has been ongoing and expanding for several years, as has the positive impact for both CNWL and TVS. The students involved have reaped the benefits of this partnership.


Transitioning from the Village School to The College of North West London from The Village School on Vimeo.

The close relationship with CNWL has allowed TVS students’ access to a transition not previously available to them. It has allowed the students to demonstrate that they can manage with and cope with the very differenr life in a college environment. Students have a greater degree of independence than has previously been available and they are making choices about preferred FE options based on experience. Prior to the partnership at least 3 students in the group may have had difficulty finding a college able and willing to meet their needs. It is now to be hoped that all students will progress to college, the majority into CNWL. At present The Village School has two transition classes, 18 students in total at CNWL.

Individual examples of how students have managed during the transition shows that they see themselves as students of the college. One student in particular has made progress with daily transitioning, the number of non-compliance incidents greatly decreased.

Students at TVS are able to visit the CNWL class and see peers in situ as well as those who have left TVS in earlier years.

Parents and carers can also see the level of co-operation between CNWL and TVS at the site as well as being able to observe the transition class.

The partnership has allowed TVS and CNWL to begin to create a pathway from school to college that will make the transition from TVS to any college easier for students and parents easier to envisage.

Students are able to develop their preferred pathways with access to state of the Art kitchen and access to other College facilities as well as being able to integrate more closely with their mainstream peers.

There is also the proposal for TVS to create a 19-25 provision in partnership with CNWL that could cater for some students that Brent currently has placed out of borough, as well as those transitioning from school.

TVS is in advanced discussions with the LA regarding this, and a suitable site has been identified.

This provision could potentially save the LA money in terms of students who are in residential settings or being transported out of borough,

Again this would impact on the outcomes for TVS students as another pathway to college provision would become available.

The mutual benefits of the partnership between TVs and CNWL are becoming more evident as it develops.

TVS will provide CNWL with a range of training options for their staff that will better prepare CNWL to meet the likely needs of TVS students.

The training will be provided by TVS staff including OT, SALT and SAFE SCHOOL as well as manual handling etc.

 As stated previously, TVS now has the opportunity to extend the transition process by having another class group, whose needs are ASC, based at a college.

There is the potential for the partnership to allow even closer working as TVS is looking at the possibility of providing work experience for CNWL supported learning students. TVS already has a programme that allows CNWL Health and Social Care students’ access to TVS in terms of placement.

As the partnership develops and expands it is foreseeable that pathways to college programmes may begin at an earlier stage in the life of a TVS student with a transition programme that starts at Y9/10. This will enhance the opportunities for TVS students to experience and become more independent through opportunities that will be supported by TVS and CNWL.