Secondary Provision

The Village School Secondary department has 15 classes comprising of around 120 students (almost half the school). Classes cover year 7 through to year 14, with mixed abilities and age ranges, spanning two or three years in a class group. Our department is bridged over two sites, the main Grove Park Site (TVS) and Kingsbury Village Site (KVS) situated in the grounds of Kingsbury High School. 

Typically, our highest needs and most complex students are based in the Grove Park site, where students enjoy a secure provision with access to a large special needs population for socialisation, sensory rooms and a more private environment. 
We try to place students together at the Kingsbury Village Site who have higher cognitive abilities, are more vocal, independent and have less physically complex needs.

We have three broad pathways, Stepping Stones, Tracks and Lanes. Students at the Kingsbury Village Site (KVS) are mainly Lanes and upper Tracks, whilst those students at TVS are Stepping Stones and lower Tracks. 

Our Lanes students are being developed to access the wider world of employment with adult support where necessary. 

KVS is only a short 5 minute walk from the Grove Park site and does take on many elements from the main building, such as therapies, sports and safeguarding.  We are one school and share staff around frequently, including art, music and PE. 

Being a short 10 minute walk from Kingsbury High Street, we are able to benefit from the local shops and services. We’ve taken our students shopping for vegetables in cooking sessions, we’ve gone to the local library for literacy lessons and taken our students with behavioural challenges to the local cafés, all the while learning about road safety, stranger danger and appropriate conduct in the public sphere. 

Being situated in Kingsbury High School allows tapping into their mainstream provision. We usually have (outside of covid restrictions) a number of collaborative classes throughout the year which promote experience of SEN amongst the mainstream population and vice versa. Our students share the canteen and playground area. We have the opportunity to join GCSE and other practical accredited lessons, past projects included ART, Horticulture, PE, ICT and DT. These collaborations change as the needs of our students change, we always put the needs of Village School pupils first as we are committed to inclusion.

Our passion for improving the quality of life for our students means that all students across both sites have access to speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, MSI provision which includes the charity opticians, mental health therapists, nurses and behaviour support team. Furthermore, all our subject specialist teachers deliver lessons across KVS and TVS, which include, PE, Art, Music, Dance, catering and horticulture. 

Our lanes cohort also manage to fit in a number of outside agencies throughout the year, with whom we carry out projects. Some notable achievements have been working with local art galleries to showcase our students work, whole school drama performances and links with music performances in other schools.

At the Village School we believe in giving our students the best chance in reaching their potential. Therefore we have a focus and ethos of developing life skills. We work very closely with our families to set long term goals for Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP). As a result, secondary students are independent, resilient, hardworking, well behaved and focused. We see students make huge progress in their personal goals of behaviour, physiotherapy, mental health and independence. 

All this comes together in a personalised approach to learning where students can be accredited for their hard work in a nationally recognised qualification. Depending on the pathway, students can gain entry level OCRs in life and living skills, AQA entry level awards, Functional Skills and GCSE’s. After the Village, our students can take these qualifications to college and build on them. 

We are committed to careers development and have also been working hard to build relationships in the local area to begin work experience.

To summarise, Post 16 at the Village School is a unique and exciting area where all the hard work of the multi team approach to everyone’s hard work in the earlier years pays off into students being able to meet long term goals in communication, health, social and emotional wellbeing. This manifests in some students succeeding after long personal journeys. We have witnessed numerous students being able to walk, talk, read and expand their regulation and attention skills. It is the place where dreams come true and challenges overcome.  

Abdul-Rahaman Ismail (AR) Assistant Headteacher