Message to our community

Monday  22nd  June 2020 

Dear Parents, Carers and Families, 

                        I know this has been a very hard and unprecedented time for all and continues to be so. Our pupils have been at home for a long time and in many circumstances this has created some very challenging situations. The Village school continues to be closed to the majority of pupils and will be closed now until September. 

We have been running a trial with a very small number of pupils and staff to learn about how we are going to keep your children / young people safe when we start to open again. This trial has been split into two week phases and we have learned a lot and are continuing to learn about PPE, social distancing, pupil and staff ratios, feeding, curriculum, wellbeing, cleaning equipment and much more.

      We will continue to stay in touch with everybody on a regular basis, offer online support and provision for pupils and we are currently adapting this to meet a wider range of pupils needs, we are aware that not all of our pupils can access online work, learning and support. We have started to put resource packs together for our stepping stones pupils and are currently looking to support more pupils with communication devices and different resources and approaches at home.

       We initially closed at the end of March due to high staff and pupil illness and the potential risk to our pupils, staff and families. We are hoping that the risk continues to reduce so that in September we can take as many pupils back as possible. We are currently planning for different scenarios in September and will be taking into consideration PHE and DFE guidance, we are also working with many agencies including transport who due to their own protocols are only taking two pupils on each bus and will not take any pupils that display challenging behaviour of any type at the moment. We are hoping that by September many of these challenges and measures are reduced.     

       The Scenarios we are currently working on are looking at full days for all pupils and go between a)  having all pupils back in as per before the COVID 19 pandemic, b) 50 % of pupils in on a weekly rota and c) having 30% on a 4 day rota. I know the unknown can sometimes be the hardest part to contend with but I just wanted to assure you that we will do all we can to take as many pupils back as we safely can in September. 

 Yours sincerely

Hermann Farrington 

Deputy Head