Students with a Brent GP: Your physiotherapy service is provided by NHS Brent paediatric physiotherapy team based at Chalkhill Primary Care Centre. 

Due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we have made some temporary changes to the way that we deliver physiotherapy services to children, young people (CYP)and families, for example in minimising face-to-face contact. We continue to provide support but in a different way through telephone advice, video consultations, continuing to work with other health professionals and providing written advice where needed. We will be offering face to face contacts at Wembley Centre for Health and Care to a small number of high-risk students including orthotic clinics. If your child’s mobility equipment requires a review or if you have any further concerns please contact us.   We continue to work with colleagues in schools to ensure they have up to date physiotherapy advice and programmes to support your child, including annual reviews and updated EHCP advice as requested.

Contact details: Paediatric Physiotherapy Health Team: 020 8736 7106

Students with a GP outside of Brent: your physiotherapist within the school is Lelia Micaelidou. She is directly in contact with students who fall under her caseload who will receive a range of services such as video consultation, follow up telephone calls, pre-recorded physiotherapy programme that you can watch and follow along to. Any queries, do not hesitate to contact her on: 020 8204 5396

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