Speech & Language Therapy

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Speech and Language Therapy Team works collaboratively with class teachers and parents to maximise students opportunities for improving communication skills. 

Communication: TVS SaLT department has produced a range of pre-recorded therapy sessions, training and written documents to support the needs of all the cohorts within The Village School. These include Makaton, Zones of Regulations, Massage Stories, TAC PAC to name a few. These can be accessed via Vimeo or will be shared directly with your TVS email address. This allows parents to be able to access these sessions at a convenient time for the family. The SLT department continues to release new materials as well as different challenges such as Makaton that students can participate with at

Dysphagia: In line with guidance from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists which dictated that dysphagia reviews should continue to take place despite school closures, TVS SaLTs is encouraging families to provide video recordings of a mealtime at home for SaLTs to analyse and liaise with parents in regards to advice. This allows parents the option to record at a convenient time in their busy households. Class teachers have a list of questions to ask parents during their weekly check-in phone calls, to support indirect eating/ drinking reviews. Parents can raise concerns with the class teacher at any point and this will be followed up by the SaLT home.

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These videos are password protected, to receive a password, please contact your child's form teacher.

Makaton 5 Speckled Frogs

Makaton 5 Little Monkeys

Therapy - Makaton Songs

SLT - Zones of Regulation


SLT - Massage Story

SLT - Makaton Question Words

SLT - Makaton at Home

SLT - Makaton Food and Drink

SLT - Gruffalo Massage Story

SLT Lego To Support Language