Movement & PE

Hello Everyone from PE Department!

The Physical Education department’s response to COVID-19 has been to offer a range of videos for parents to use at home with their pupils and incorporate in their home learning daily routines.

Videos have been created by staff to provide our pupils with opportunities to remain active at home and participate in PE activities taking in to account space, environment and resources available. The videos can be accessed and viewed by parents clicking on the links : 

1. Jonathan - Exercise 1

2. Jonathan - Exercise 2

3. Jonathan - Skittles 1 

4. Jonathan - Skittles 2 

5. Jonathan - Boccia 

6. Jonathan - Balloon 1

7. Jonathan - Balloon 2 

8. Jonathan - PMLD Stretching Songs

9. Sam - PE - 1

10. Sam PE - 2 

Our Physical Education Lead Jonathan has been working along side a group of professionals in Brent and beyond in collaboration with The Jason Roberts Foundation discussing the current challenges families, pupils and schools have been facing with COVID-19. The podcast has excellent content and solutions for parents to click on the links below to listen to individual episodes. 

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